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Matt Schaub is Better Than You Thought

(Troy Taormina/US PRESSWIRE)

In simplest terms, Matt Schaub is everything you look for in an NFL quarterback. While he’s not quite a household name, Schaub has done nothing but produce since he got the opportunity to start with the Houston Texans back in 2009. Now that the Texans enjoy a 5-0 record for the first time in franchise history it’s essential to look at all the things Schaub does in particular to make this Texans team Super Bowl contenders.

Plenty of quarterbacks around the NFL have perfected the short to medium pass. The quick darts across the middle, or the finesse dump offs to the running back are key to any passing attack, but someone who can throw the long ball opens the offense up tremendously. In 2009 Schaub led the league in passing yards along with Yards gained per pass completion (13.9), bringing to the forefront his ability to air it out.

Furthermore, Schaub understands how the Houston offense should be able to run and how important it is to have a good run-pass balance. Throughout the first five weeks the Texans have 183 rush plays countered by 152 pass plays, not to mention Houston has seven rushing touchdowns and eight passing touchdowns. Utilizing a back like RB Arian Foster is what will make the Texans Super Bowl champions, it’s not as easy as it sounds. For example, Vikings running back RB Adrian Peterson last year voiced plentiful complaints about not getting enough carries. Schaub’s commitment to a balanced offense sets him apart from other quarterbacks around the league.

The sight of your NFL quarterback getting sacked is an awful one, and Matt Schaub is the best in the league at avoiding such. Thus far in 2012, Schaub has been put on his back only three times in five games. Last night, Schaub showed the Nation just how accurate and poised he is while the rush is on. Perhaps the most memorable instance from Monday night was when Schaub was cemented right after completing a first down pass to Foster. Schaub has also perfected one of the most difficult things for any quarterback to learn: throwing the ball away!

The Texans have paid their dues and are on their way to an unforgettable season. Furthermore, don’t lose track of just how many incredible things Schaub does to make the Texans win.