NFL Rumors: Did Mike Tice Sabotage Mike Martz As Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator?


A source with ties to former Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz has told me that Bears current offensive coordinator Mike Tice sabotaged former offensive coordinator Mike Martz his previous two seasons (2010 and 2011).

According to Kruetz, Tice would call line assignments that differed from offensive plays. In the process of doing so, these would cause certain offensive plays not to work. Kreutz went on to say that Martz was the smartest offensive coordinator he ever worked with, and felt that Tice was attempting to force him out of the role. Martz resigned last season after the Bears failed to make the playoffs, while Tice was promoted to offensive coordinator from his role as offensive line coach by head coach Lovie Smith.

Kreutz has never been one to keep his feelings to himself. When he wasn’t re-signed by the Bears last season, it wasn’t a very pretty situation. Kreutz felt that he wasn’t being treated with respect and signed with the New Orleans Saints before retiring about halfway through the season. Many considered Kreutz a leader in the locker room, but rumors began to develop that Kreutz and Jay Cutler didn’t always get along. Regardless of that relationship and others, the whole Kreutz situation was a big mess after the lockout last season. One can assume that Kreutz may still have some hard feelings towards the team and his former position coach Tice, but his words shouldn’t be discounted either.

There’s no question that it was time for the Bears to part ways with the veteran, but as one of the team’s most popular players, it didn’t end as well as many fans would have liked. As much as I liked and respected Kreutz, his better days were behind him.

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