Denver Broncos Will Be Prime Time Team Very Soon

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

An unnamed blogger recently said the Denver Broncos are not yet an elite team. He said, “This is a scary reality for Broncos fans. We’re just not there yet. And it’s really not even close”.

I will have to agree that the Broncos are not elite yet, but I will have to disagree whether they’re close to it. In fact, they’re really close to being considered an elite team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl.

This blogger claims that elite teams don’t get behind in games by three scores and then have to make late comebacks to make a game close. While that may be true, teams that are able to come back and make these games close (if not win them) are teams that are on the verge of greatness.

In other words, the Broncos have been an elite second-half team, and just about everyone would agree with that. So the fact is this: once the Broncos start playing the first halves the way they have played in the second halves, they will be playing at an elite level.

The Broncos play the San Diego Chargers this week, and will go into their bye for Week 7. My theory will be proved after the Broncos start looking more elite when they beat the Chargers and then head into a bye week in which head coach John Fox, assistant coaches and QB Peyton Manning will go to work to correct their few mistakes, especially those that the Broncos have made during the first halves of their losses.

When you put those masterminds together for two weeks of practice, you will see huge improvements. When the Broncos return from their bye, they will have to play the New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers, all games they should win, and people will start seeing the team that the Broncos can be.

It takes a few weeks and a bye for a team to gel together after so many personnel changes. It was a culture shock when Manning was added to the roster, but it will make all the difference in the world when the Broncos start clicking on all cylinders.


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