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Five reasons why the Tennessee Titans have only one Win

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Tennessee Titans only have one win in 5 weeks

Tennessee Titans

An overtime win in week number two is the only win that the Tennessee Titans have for this 2012 NFL season. And it didn’t come easy. So what is going so terribly wrong with the team in Nashville that after five weeks of play, they enter week six with four loses?

You can make plenty of excuses; Chris Johnson has pointed fingers almost all season at his teammates, when really he is part of the problem too. But there is more than just one person doing this and it’s happening consistently.

So what needs to change? Is it all the players? Maybe the coaches are to blame, are they going about the playbook the same way? Maybe Jake Locker shouldn’t have been named the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season. Surely does the team no good now that his shoulder is separated and he will sit out a second straight week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What happened to the theory of making the defense better in the offseason? As of right now the team has given up at least 30 points in every game this season. They are one of the worst teams in the league in both overall defense and points given up.

This is really a sad situation, and I’m sorry to say, but unless things change now, forever, the Tennessee Titans will officially become the new Indianapolis Colts of the division.

Week six starts tomorrow, here are a few things that probably should be taken into consideration when looking at the Titans record thus far this season.

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Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

Getting this one out of the way right away you have to admit, the Titans have played some pretty good teams, both the Houston Texans and New England Patriots are included in the Titans losses.

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Tennessee Titans Defense

Tennessee Titans

They defense just is not there. The Titans rank 31st in the league on points given up. The only team in the league that is doing a worse job is the Cleveland Browns.

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Jake Locker Injury

Tennessee Titans
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Can no one stay healthy on this team? If it’s not Kenny Britt, it’s Jake Locker or Colin McCarthy or Javon Ringer. All of these players have huge roles in the lineup, and when you are switching players ever game it’s hard to find an even chemistry with your teammates when you don’t play next to each other often.

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Chris Johnson

Tennessee Titans
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All the players point fingers at someone else. They all admit that they are not happy with the way the season has started. But it’s “no-one’s” fault. Just ask Chris Johnson, he’s not part of the problem at all.

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Matt Hasselbeck

Tennessee Titans
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Should Jake Locker even have been named the starting quarterback? It seems as though Matt Hasselbeck has seem just as much time, if not more time than Locker so far this season. He looked good this past Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, will he look just as good Thursday against the Pittsburg Steelers?