Imagining Tim Tebow As A Cleveland Brown...

By Ryan Ruiz
Ed Mulholland-US Presswire

With the state of the franchise panic mode the Cleveland Browns are in, I thought it would be fun to picture Tim Tebow wearing an orange helmet with brown and white stripes. The Browns are the only team left in the NFL to get a “W”. How much possibly worse can it get?

The two things that cannot be taken away from the Heisman Trophy winner and two time BCS National champion are his faith and motor. Despite some people claiming his religious beliefs are a little over the top, Tebow would fit right in the Browns franchise. Without a doubt, he would be accepted in to the fan base with open arms because of his blue collar heart, hard working ethics, and never give up will to win attitude. Can you picture a brown jersey with white “TEBOW” stitched letters on the back of it? How many of them would we see in the stadium and around the city? With the big let down this season has been, who would you rather have wearing the #15 jersey, Tebow or Greg Little?

Cleveland Browns Stadium would be rocking and rolling when the option play call came to the shores of Lake Erie. As Tebow bull dozed Rey Maualuga to the turf and rumbled 16 yards for a first down, there would be some serious electricity in the stands.

It is very safe to say that Tebow as an NFL quarterback is subpar. The 25 year old’s throwing motion is awkward and accuracy is dreadful. In his defense though, when a play needs to be made in crunch time, nine out of ten times he makes it. If Tebow were in Cleveland, would someone be smart enough to change his position? Perhaps an H-back or tight end? Could Tebow do a better job over Owen Marecic?

The former Florida Gator’s leadership alone might surpass anyone on Cleveland’s young talented but raw group of 53 players. Though he will never be in Canton, what’s not to like about a throw back player that leaves it all on the field every single play? The man simply leads by example on and off the field.

If Tebow were a Cleveland Brown, does it necessarily mean instant contention? Absolutely not. But, maybe just one of the last twelve games dating back to last season, would be a victory. It’s fun to dream isn’t it?

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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