Michael Griffin fined $21,000 for Hit against Minnesota Vikings

By Stephanie Umek
Michael Griffin and Jordan Babineaux
Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

It hasn’t even been a week since the NFL decided they were going to put defensive coordinator Jerry Gray under investigation for statements he made regardless the Tennessee Titans’ lack of effort on defense.

“If you’re worried about that, you are not going to go out and try and blow the guy up. Great football players have to put that out of their mind. You have to say, ‘This is my territory between the number, and if you throw the football you better bring the Gator truck.’ And that’s how you have to play. You can’t play timid in the NFL.”

Well safety Michael Griffin heard him loud and clear.

After delivering a massive hit to the Minnesota Vikings offense, Griffin was hit today with a hefty fine of $21,000. But He also had some words of his on in regards to the fine, stating that he was criticized last week for not being more aggressive.


“It is one of those deals where I am a dumb (expletive) if I don’t make the hit, and I am a dumb (expletive) if I do and get penalized and fined. If I don’t take the hit, fans and everybody else is pissed off. If I do, it comes out of my wallet. So it’s a no-win situation.”

If this wasn’t a big enough fine for him and a hit like this happens again the fine could double. He could also be forced to serve a one game suspension.

You certainly can’t make an argument that the hit he gave was intentional, to hurt someone. There is no argument for a bounty situation here and Griffin is obviously not very happy about the hefty fine. That makes a player all that much more leery to make another hit like that.

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