NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Hangs Up On Baltimore Reporters

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

I guess Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can only take so much abuse. It’s either that or being a new father has deprived him of so much sleep that he’s lost his patience because apparently during his weekly call with the opponents media, Romo hung up on a group of Baltimore reporters.

Cue the jokes about the call being “intercepted” and “dropped.”

Ravens Insider Aaron Wilson interpreted the hang up on Romo objecting to the line of questioning about his drop backs and consistency. Never a team to avoid controversy, ESPN Dallas reporter Calvin Watkins said Romo didn’t hang up but there was a bad connection on the line.

Cue all the jokes about “connection problems.”  Heck, cue any kind of joke imaginable because that’s what this situation calls for.

There’s no way to tell what actually happened but needless to say it’s tough being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. With all the things that have happened throughout to Romo’s career he’s never had a problem dealing with the media and the quarterback has developed some thick skin.  It’s tough to see where a question or two bothered him to the point where he felt overwhelmed and needed to hang up.

The communications issues didn’t end there though, Romo was supposed to be back on with the reporters at 2pm central time but didn’t end up calling back until 2:30 and the writers were not happy.

Regardless of what occurred today it shows us once again that anything that happens with Romo and the Dallas Cowboys becomes news. Luckily the reporters have zero ability to come after Romo with anything besides words and he’s had more problems with the players on the field. The media has nothing to do with the outcome of the game, so they can be as mad as they want, but it doesn’t matter.

Who knows, maybe the Cowboys writers will ask some tough questions to Joe Flacco and he’ll hang up on them too!

The only thing that matters is if Tony Romo and the Cowboys win on Sunday. If they do, no one will remember any of this. If they lose and Romo plays poorly; my guess is we’ll be hearing more about this.

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