NFL Rumors: New Jork Jets Owner Woody Johnson Likes Mark Sanchez And Will Keep Tim Tebow For Three Years

By Ben Grimaldi

Just when you think you’ve heard from everyone on the Tim Tebow situation, along comes New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Or maybe it’s the Mark Sanchez situation. Either way, the saga from the Jets continues to be about their two quarterbacks.

If Johnson is trying to smooth the situation out, he failed miserably when he spoke Wednesday morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box and had this to say about Sanchez, “It’s really — we think he’s that good.  He really is that good.  I wouldn’t look at the numbers too seriously. . . because a quarterback’s job ultimately is to win games.  And Mark Sanchez has proven that he can do that.”

Johnson also said he’s not trying to bolster Sanchez’s confidence, which is nice to hear. However, Johnson also went on to say that Tim Tebow isn’t going anywhere, “Are we gonna keep Tebow?” Johnson said.  “Absolutely.  He’ll be with us three years, and I think he’s gonna be a real valuable asset in helping us win games.”

That ought to clear everything up for Jets fans everywhere. To recap, Johnson has two quarterback who he believes will help his team win. Never mind that no one else believes it can work or that having them both hasn’t helped the Jets win many games, yet.

To make matters worse, or funnier if you aren’t a fan of the Jets, is that Woody Johnson channeled his inner Jerry Jones by breaking down the play of Sanchez on Monday night. Johnson attributed the tipped passes by Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt by saying, “We should have done a better job of  accounting for him, and keeping an I Spy on him wherever he is,” Johnson said.  “Essentially don’t throw in that area or throw extremely high.  He’s six-six, and he can jump 30 inches, so he’s probably like 15 feet by the time you add it all up.”

In case you haven’t followed Johnson’s career, he has no background in coaching football on any level, but I’m sure Rex Ryan appreciates the help.

No one knows how this is will all play out, especially in three years time, which is an eternity in the NFL. Johnson is just another person to voice his opinion on the whole situation but I can’t see both quarterbacks staying on the same team for three more years. Johnson said one would player would be on the team for those three years; he didn’t mention the other, maybe that tells us who he believes in more. If that’s the case, why isn’t Tim Tebow the starting quarterback?

Perhaps we should all be preparing to see Tebow as the Jets starting quarterback sooner rather than later. Either way, it’s always interesting to watch it all play out.

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