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Rival GM Calls Detroit Lions Overrated

Rival GM Calls Detroit Lions Overrated

Tim Fuller-US Presswire

The Detroit Lions aren’t off to the start that they would like to be nor the start many expected them to be this season following a 10-6 record and the team’s first playoff berth since 1999. This season the Lions are dead last in their division with a 1-3 record and don’t seem to be as hungry as they were just a year ago. According to one rival general manager it is that surprising given the fact that he feels the team is overrated.

In a story posted on Monday by Pro Football Weekly the unnamed GM stated that he thought the Lions were “overrated” and that Ndamukong Suh and Civil Avril were over-hyped. The GM even went as far to say that even Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and general manager Martin Mayhew were “both overrated” as well. He then went on to say “They are a one dimensional offensive team that if the quarterback (Matthew Stafford) is not on people are figuring it out. If you take (Calvin) Johnson out of the game, who else do they have that can beat you?”

When you take a look at the numbers it is a bit confusing as to why Detroit is struggling so much this year; both their offensive and defensive units are doing a better than average job in many of the statistical categories. Their offense ranks third in total offensive yards per game (412.3), second in passing yards per game (322) and tied for 11th in points scored per game (25) while their defense is ninth in total yards allowed per game (315.8), 10th in passing yards allowed per game (213) and 13th in rushing yards allowed per game (102.8).

I wouldn’t go as far to say the Lions are overrated like the unnamed, rival GM but I would say the two aspects where they need to improve are running the ball (90.3 rushing yards per game, 24th in NFL) and stopping opponents from scoring (28.5 points allowed per game, 26th in NFL). If they can do those two things then they should be able to right the ship and produce a good season. They need to hurry up because with the start that both the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings have gotten off too time is of the essence.

I really wish the GM would have allowed Pro Football Weekly to release his name then that would have truly set off some fireworks if the Lions would have played his team this season.