NFL Rumors: San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers and HC Norv Turner at Odds?

By Jeremy Meyer

The San Diego Chargers were defeated by the New Orleans Saints 31-24 at the Superdome on Sunday and one play may have pushed the Chargers starting quarterback Philip Rivers to a boiling point, so much so that he took out on his Head Coach Norv Turner for the second time this season.

Rivers, the team’s starting quarterback did not agree with head coach Norv Turner’s decision-making for the second time this year. Rivers seems to be taking issue with how the coach is handling his duties as the man paid to handle play calling, and, at times difficult situations, like sending his kicker out on the field to attempt a 55 yard field goal in the teams lose to the New Orleans Saints.

“The good thing is that that’s not his decision. And when it goes through I don’t know that anyone comments on it. I understand that different people have different opinions. The way that Nick Novak kicked in pregame, I felt good about him making it. Coach Turner said in a statement to the media on his return to San Diego.

The team missed the field goal and Rivers screamed at his coach that he should have punted the ball. Instead, he gave former Chargers quarterback Drew Brees a chance to shine.

The great thing to me, and this is what we have to do as a team, is that we missed a field goal and no one blinked. Our defense went out there and stopped them on three plays. You react to what happens. My ideal situation would have been to make the field goal, kick off deep, pin them down there and hold them to get a shorter field. But we did a great job of stopping them when we had to. You would think that it’s tough going 90 yards there in the dome but we put together a great drive and I thought that it was a big drive in the game.”

Coach Turner thought he made the right choice, and most of the team and the fans in New Orleans and watching the game on TV may not have agreed with his decision. But, Rivers has made it a normal thing to scream at his Coach and he has done it before and will probably do it again as the team continues its season. Maybe the team’s quarterback should worry about playing the game and the team’s head coach should worry about making the calls and then taking responsibility, whether it is a success or a failure.

The San Diego Chargers will take on the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning during Monday Night Football.

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