Tim Tebow is a step down from Arizona Cardinals' QBs Kevin Kolb and John Skelton

By Kase Brammer
Tim Tebow New York Jets

Earlier in the week the New York Jets owner announced that Tim Tebow will be staying with the team for the next three years. I can tell you right now that the Arizona Cardinals aren’t crying over that announcement. The team already has a slew of mediocre quarterbacks, so bringing in a third would have Cardinals fans scratching their heads.

There is no question that Tebow is an athletic guy and I can respect his faith, but the Cardinals would be taking a step in the wrong direction if they decided to trade for Tebow. The guy proved he can win games last season after he ripped off one unpredictable win after another including a playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, the Cardinals need to get the ball to their most talented player on offense, Larry Fitzgerald. Kevin Kolb and John Skelton proved over the past two seasons that they can do that. Last year, Tebow proved he could not after posting a multitude of 50 percent completion rate games.

As much as I enjoy adding to “Tebow Mania”, the Cardinals are better when they fly under the radar. Since ESPN covers Tebow like he’s the best player in the world, the Cardinals would receive more attention than they’re used to. They could take their “eyes off the prize” and lose their spot on top of the NFC West.

Sorry Mr. Tebow, but you may be riding the bench for a long time. If it’s not the Jets’ bench. It will be the next team that makes the mistake of trading to get you.

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