Jacksonville Jaguars GM Admits Team Has Lack Of Talent

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Gene Smith

Just when you thought the Jacksonville Jaguars 2012 season could not get any worse, people inside the organization have started to lose faith in their team.

On Wednesday while talking to the media, Jaguars general manager Gene Smith admitted that the roster he has constructed over the past four seasons is lacking talent.

After starting 1-4 and suffering three consecutive home blowouts, it is apparent the Jaguars do indeed have a lack of talent. Smith stating that his team has a lack of talent is an admission that he has failed at doing his job.

Sure Smith is likely frustrated, but admitting that your roster lacks talent after picking in the top ten in the previous four drafts reeks of a total failure to identify and draft talented football players. It is not exactly the kind of message Smith should be sending out as Jaguars fans begin to fire up the bandwagon calling for his firing.

Smith has been much maligned in his tenure as the Jaguars general manager for his theory of building a roster through “base hit” players instead of trying to hit “home runs” with his draft picks. Unfortunately for Smith, that theory only works when you have built up a solid roster that can compete every season, not when your team is consistently picking within the first ten picks of the draft every year.

The Jaguars are now seeing the results of reaching for “base hit” players in the first round, like defensive tackle Tyson Alualu, instead of taking a chance on an extremely talented player who has a chance to make a major impact on your team. It simply does not work.

Now, the Jaguars are seemingly going to play out the rest of the season with a lame duck general manager. At this point it seems that nothing short of a miracle turnaround will save Smith’s job.

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