Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick Confirms He’s A Dog Owner

By Greg Bradshaw

Here’s a development that is sure to anger millions of people, especially dog owners. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick confirms that he is a dog owner. As many people know, Vick was sentenced to eighteen months in a federal prison for his role in a dog fighting ring.

As an owner of three dogs, I am repulsed by the crimes perpetrated by the current Eagles’ quarterback. No one with a heart and soul could condone the premeditated carnage that Vick and his cohorts allowed be perpetrated on those poor, defenseless dogs.

I do, however, support Michael Vick being a dog owner. Why? Vick has been working with the Humane Society over the past few years as a condition of his return to the NFL in 2009. His journey to that end was unimaginable, considering that he became a superstar quarterback who amassed millions of dollars during his prime years with the Atlanta Falcons. Serving time in prison has a humbling effect on anyone, especially on one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, which Vick was at that time.

However, the main reason I support Vick being a dog owner is that he’s paid his debt to society. Whether or not we like him personally is irrelevant at this time. The judge that tried Vick for these reprehensible crimes years ago felt eighteen months in federal prison was an acceptable punishment. In addition, there may be some fans that want Vick to get the electric chair for his crimes. I don’t think the federal government wants to waste taxpayer dollars to put Vick on trial again for his crimes.

Organizations like PETA can protest and picket Lincoln Financial Field (the Eagles’ home stadium) until Vick retires or is released. That won’t convince the federal government to retry Vick. Regardless of public opinion, there’s NOTHING anyone can say or do that can bring those dogs back. Vick has turned over a new leaf in life, and has appeared to learn his lesson. These reasons are enough to convince me that Vick should own a dog.

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