Giants' Rueben Randle Breakout May Not Be Until 2013

By jason evans

For all the publicity that New York Giants receiver Rueben Randle got for last weekend’s performance being his breakout game, I wouldn’t go there so fast. Yes, he caught six balls for 82 yards and looked pretty good doing so, but he’s had more questions about him than answers so far.

Once Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden return, Randle will return to fifth on the depth chart. Randle is still a work in progress and has a lot to learn to become a big time receiver in the league. He also wasn’t exactly in a offense in college that people will confuse with Air Coryell. LSU didn’t exactly have a high powered offense and really relied on their defense.

The learning curve from college to the pros is steep already, and when the offense you are in in college isn’t exactly a pro-style offense, it makes that learning curve that much steeper. If you watched college football at all, you could tell that Randle did have some talent. You’re not talked about as a first round pick if you’re a scrub.

I could see Randle being developed in the same way Mario Manningham was. In Manningham’s first year, he only had four catches for 26 yards in seven games. In year two, he caught 57 passes for 822 yards and five touchdowns in 14 games.

Don’t expect Randle to put up big numbers the rest of the way. This may not be his year. 2013 may be his time to shine and give the Giants yet another weapon to throw to.

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