Wade Phillips Takes A Shot At Michael Strahan For Some Reason

By Riley Schmitt

Wade Phillips is the perfect example of a great coordinator and a horrible coach. Right now, he is doing great things as the Houston Texans defensive coordinator. JJ Watt is leading his defense right now and Wade was not too happy that the Elias Sports Bureau took a sack away from him. In fact, he used it to take a shot at Michael Strahan.

Quite an interesting thing to say if you ask me.  If you do not recall, Strahan set the sack record when Brett Favre basically fell to the turf right in front of him.  Not exactly the most difficult way to get a record.  However, I have no idea why Phillips would take a shot like this at Strahan, unless there is something about Strahan that Wade doesn’t like.

I am not aware of any issue between the two so this may have just been a tongue in cheek reference.  I guess we will have to see if Strahan returns fire.  He probably has a lot of ammo to use.  I mean, just make reference to his head coaching career and that should be a perfect way to fire back.

I guess Phillips is riding high due to his team being successful but this move just strikes me as odd right now.  Then again, I guess I am not complaining.  Never a boring moment in sports.


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