Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald eyeing 10,000 yards

By Kase Brammer
Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald already reached a milestone this season, becoming the fastest player ever to reach 700 catches. He is just 48 yards shy of reaching another. 10,000 yards is a huge milestone and he’s about to get there despite playing on some pretty mediocre Cardinals teams. Fitzgerald should have no problem hitting his mark this weekend against the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills’ defense is ranked 24th overall in passing. The Bills simply don’t have the personnel to cover Fitzgerald unless they play this game specifically to stop him. If they do, the Cardinals will dominate other aspects of the game and WR Andre Roberts will burn them hard. The Cardinals want Fitzgerald to break the barrier at home in front of the “Birdgang” before heading to Minnesota for a tough game.

If the Bills place CB Stephon Gilmore in charge of protecting Fitzgerald by himself, which they won’t, it’s going to be a long day for the rookie corner. Fitzgerald only has 2 or 3  inches on the rookie, but he has made a career out of catching passes with very little separation. I expect Gilmore to get over the top help for most of the game. Even with help, I expect Fitzgerald to have 7-9 receptions for right around 90 yards and a touchdown. For more information on this matchup, check out this article.

Fitzgerald has his eyes set on something much bigger than 10,000 yards, but I can tell you right now that this marker is still a big deal. Fitzgerald is a straight shooter with Hall of Famer written all over him, but he has many years of frustrating defenses still ahead of him too.


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