Battle of Kickers ends with a Tennessee Titans win over Pittsburgh Steelers

By Stephanie Umek
Matt Hasselbeck and Rob Bironas

It wasn’t easy to get their first win against the Detroit Lions, and it took until the last four seconds of their Thursday Night match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Tennessee Titans finally are looking up.

With a record like 2-4 it’s hard to believe that they are still a contender for the playoffs but if they continue to play the way they did tonight they could work something out. As usual though, kicker Rob Bironas was solid with extra points and field goals. It was a long game but luckily for Tennessee it worked out in their favor.

Matt Hasselbeck passed for 290 yards, but he was taken down a lot too. He is the veteran on the team and I think things flow a lot better when he has the ball in his hands.

There were some people that weren’t too impressive though. Well mainly just Kenny Britt. He dropped many passes, and even though he grabbed 61 yards and a touchdown, he to me was very very sloppy. The one touchdown he had, he is luck that Hasselbeck gave him another chance. In the fourth quarter Britt bobbled a perfect throw by Hasselbeck and the next play they ran the exact same thing. He almost bobbled it again, fortunately the pressure wasn’t as much the second time around and he was able to maintain control of the ball.

Chris Johnson ran for 91 yards tonight, bringing his season total to 210 over six weeks.

You didn’t see a lot from Nate Washington tonight but Jared Cook was on fire. It could have been the pregame festivities though that got his juices flowing. Prior to the game, the Titans honored twelve breast cancer survivors, one included Cook’s mother.

By the end of the first half the Titans had score more points than they had scored in their four losses thus far in the season. And wouldn’t you know, they only gave up 23 points tonight, as opposed to their usual 30+ points per game.

You never know, maybe this is the beginning of a huge winning streak for the team, they have a good number of days to rest, and considering the injuries to the team it could be in the best timing. Take these next ten days or so and get your team healthy and ready for the Buffalo Bills.

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