Blowout Loss to Baltimore Ravens Could Doom Dallas Cowboys' Season

By Jeric Griffin
Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are a mentally weak team, plain and simple. There are a ton of reasons for that and there is not enough space to list them all. The Cowboys are 2-2 and coming off a bye in Week 5, a very similar situation to the one the team found itself in two years ago. That season, the Cowboys lost at home after that bye and then also went on to lose their next four games before then-head coach Wade Phillips was fired. A very similar scenario might play out this year if the Baltimore Ravens dominate the Cowboys on Sunday.

Philips was fired after the Cowboys lost back to back games by a combined score of 80-24. After losing 34-18 the Chicago Bears in Week 4 of this season, the Cowboys might duplicate that feat if they don’t score more than six points and the Ravens score at least 46. It’s a little unlikely, yes, but certainly not impossible.

After the sorry excuse for the Cowboys’ 2010 season was over, outside linebacker Anthony Spencer admitted to “mailing in the season” after those back-to-back blowout losses. This is just one of many examples of the lack of mental toughness this team possesses still today. However, it’s not just Spencer who might mail it in this season if Dallas gets its rear handed to it on a plate come Sunday.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tied a career-high with five interceptions in the loss to the Bears two weeks ago and then didn’t have another game to try and get that bad taste out of his mouth. He’ll have a total of 12 days in between games to think about those five interceptions. While he has completed some nice turnarounds at different points in his career, he can’t do it alone and won’t be able to if his teammates mail in this season after a blowout loss in Baltimore.

Now, a drubbing from the Ravens certainly isn’t guaranteed. The Cowboys are the most inconsistent team in all of sports at any level, so they’re almost as likely to play their best game in recent memory as they are to fall felt on their faces to a team that was a missed field goal away from the Super Bowl last season.

So what changes, if any, will be made if the expected happens and the Cowboys get plastered by the Ravens? Check back to the Cowboys page at soon to find out.

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