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Five Unsung Players Who Must Step Up for the Denver Broncos

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Five Unknown Players That the Broncos Need to Step Up.


The Denver Broncos really need a win versus the San Diego Chargers on Monday night. In order to get it, they are going to have to play their best game of the season. In big games, and Monday night is a big game, the best players have to play like big players.

Peyton Manning has to play like he’s been playing, which is fantastic and the other starters have to play that way as well. Demaryius Thomas has to catch the ball and hang onto it, Elvis Dumervil has to make some big plays and Champ Bailey has to come up with a game changing type play. If those players and those like them do not play well, then the Broncos have very little chance of winning any game. In addition to those players, there are five under the radar players that must step up.

In big games, the “stars” usually play well and it is often the other players who decide the outcome. Through the first five weeks, The Broncos have not been getting that unexpected performance from that unexpected person. They will need a few of those to come up with a win over the Chargers on Monday night.

The Denver Broncos have players who are capable of stepping up and being that person and they need to step up on Monday night. Someone needs to make a big play on offense, force a key turnover or make a key stop on a third and short. Here are five under the radar players for the Broncos that must be big on Monday night.

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Ronnie Hillman


The Broncos and their fans have been waiting for running back, Ronnie Hillman to make a big play and Monday night would be a great time for it. Hillman has the ability to take a five yard swing pass and turn it into a fifty yard touchdown. He doesn’t necessarily need to do that but if he can be a threat in the passing game, then that will open up so many other things.

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Wesley Woodyard

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The Chargers like every other team who faces the Broncos this season are going to try and exploit the middle of the field with their tight ends. Wesley Woodyard has to play well on Monday night. Woodyard was one of the defensive bright spots in the loss to the Houston Texans with an interception. He needs to have a repeat of that performance on Monday night.

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Justin Bannan

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The Chargers are going to try and run the football at the Broncos, so Justin Bannan and Kevin Vickerson must play well in the middle of the defensive line for the Broncos. One of the tings hurting the defense is they have to commit too many people to stopping the run, and it is hurting them in the passing game. If Bannan and Vickerson can control the middle of the line, then the rest of the defense can play straight up when the Chargers throw.

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Rahim Moore


Rahim Moore has played better than most people think, but he needs to start making some impact plays. Moore has been in better position over the past couple of weeks and is making the routine plays. Now it is time for him to come up with a big interception or a forced fumble that changes the game. Moore was considered a ball hawk coming out of college, that guy needs to show up on Monday night.

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Tony Carter and others

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Then there’s the totally unexpected player who makes the biggest play of the game. It could be an interception, a big sack or a huge catch to pick up a third and eight. That player could be anyone, the one who changes the momentum of the Broncos season with one play. Some of the players to keep an eye on include; receiver Andre Caldwell, linebacker Danny Trevathan, cornerback Tony Carter or tight end Virgil Green. If the Broncos are going to get the much needed win on Monday night, then someone who no one expects is going to have to make a big play.