Keys To The New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers Game

By jason evans
#8 New York Giants
The Star-Ledger-US Presswire

The New York Giants head back out west to take on the San Francisco 49ers for the third time in less than a calendar year. Here are some things to pay attention to in the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game.

Return To Sender: If this game is a defensive struggle, field position is going to be key. David Wilson has emerged as a bit of weapon for the Giants in the return game so if he can continue to do that it could help the Giants in a big way. Kyle Williams may return kicks for the 49ers. He will certainly be motivated after what happened in the championship game last year.

Born to Run: If the Giants are going to win, they are going to need to get something out of their running game. This offense is much better when they have an effective running. Look at their playoff run and their win last week. Ahmad Bradshaw and/or Wilson need to at least prove they can run a little bit to show that they are a threat.

In A Rush: Both teams are going to have to get pressure on the quarterback. The Giants really need there’s to show up. 2 0 and 1.5. Those are the sack totals of Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul. That isn’t going to get the job done. The Giants need more out of their pass rushers in this game and every game moving forward. The 49er rushers battered Eli in the NFC Championship Game. They are going to try and do that again and may need to do that again if they are going to win this game.

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