Matt Hasselbeck references Deion Sanders as 'The Fairy' to his son on NFL Network postgame interview

By Stephanie Umek
Matt Hasselbeck against Steelers

If there is one thing an athlete can consistently do — besides play well — to get a ladies’ attention, it’s bringing a child with them to celebrate a victory.

That’s exactly what Matt Hasselbeck did after his win in Nashville against the Pittsburgh Steelers. His son Henry joined the cast of NFL Network for the post-game interview last night and it was absolutely adorable.

You know it’s going to be a great interview when Deion Sanders stands up in order for Henry to sit down. Before the interview starts Hasselbeck looks at Henry and says, “Henry, look who is that? You know who that is…it’s the fairy.”

For those of you who don’t own a television, “the fairy” reference is to a commercial for Direct TV that Sanders shoots with Peyton Manning.

After talking with Hasselbeck about the game, the cast of NFL Network proceeded to tell Henry to ask his dad a question on national TV. Hasselbeck turned it around and instead asked Henry, “Who are your favorite players in the NFL?”

He responded with, “Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, my dad…”  and then Henry pulls a trump card by ending with “Primetime,” also known as Deion Sanders.

This isn’t the first time that an athlete has made a move like this, and they do it to give their child the treatment and perks of being related to a professional athlete. Drew Brees did it a few years ago with his son when they won the Super Bowl.

Some people get upset with the luxuries that athlete’s children get, but when you think about it, it’s little things like this that make a boy’s childhood the best. Why not offer to them the opportunities when they are available?

Hasselbeck is the second oldest quarterback in the NFL right now — who knows how much longer he will stay.

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