Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick's Dog Ownership is a Step in the Right Direction

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-US Presswire

It was a question asked by many very soon after Philadelphia Eagles’ QB Michael Vick was released from prison, having spent almost 2 years behind bars for financing and orchestrating an interstate dog-fighting ring.

“Will Vick ever own a dog again?”

Vick himself was very honest when first asked the question in a televised interview after his release, as he said he could see himself again becoming a pet owner, but this time in a much different respect.

This response was originally hypothetical because, at the time, Vick was not allowed to own a pet, due to the conditions of his probation.

Red flags were raised earlier this week when Vick had posted a picture on Twitter, showing himself and his daughter at a table with a box of ‘Milk Bones’ dog treats atop the table. Suspicion grew further when Vick quickly deleted the picture, and re-posted an almost identical image, just without the Milk Bones.

Come on Michael. We all know that anything posted via social media will live forever on the internet, deleted or not.

After originally declining to comment on the topic, Vick later admitted that he and his family do now own a dog, and the pet is “well cared for and loved as a member of our family,” stated Vick.

As far as I’m concerned, I commend Vick for being honest about the situation, and I also commend him for taking on the challenge of pet ownership after his well-documented past with animals.

To me, it is a key part of any rehabilitation process to face your problem or your fear head-on.

It is similar to a recovering alcoholic being around people drinking, and refraining. Or even a person who is afraid of heights going up to the top floor of a sky-scraper and looking down.

Confronting your issues face-to-face is not only the right thing to do, but is also a commendable act considering how hard it can be to close a certain chapter in one’s life.

I understand that many NFL fans refuse to forgive Vick for his prior cruelty to animals, but I am a person who believes in second chances as well as forgiveness.

I have faith in Vick that he will treat this animal the right away, and the decision to bring a pet into his home will be beneficial for himself and his family.

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