San Diego Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner Fine With Bad Calls

By Jeremy Meyer

The San Diego Chargers had one hell of a game against the New Orleans Saints when the Chargers were defeated 31-24 in a game the Chargers pretty much had in the bag until the yellow flags of the referees went flying and the game made a turning point that turned a win into a loss that would end up giving the Saints, their first win of the season.

One play that people in the media, on forums and comment sections all over was the roughing the passer call that was called on linebacker Melvin Ingram after he hit Saints quarterback Drew Brees right on the chin late in the third quarter that annulled the interception thrown by Brees that the Chargers returned for a touchdown that would have put the team up by 17 points.

Coach Norv Turner on the other hand did not agree with the fans perspective, that this call was a bad call and the full time referees are as bad as the replacement referees and he spoke about the incident during the teams conference with the media.

“I think that it’s pretty clear that the league has done an awful lot to make sure that quarterbacks are protected,” Turner said Monday. “They do get in very vulnerable situations. You can’t hit a quarterback with the crown of your helmet. If you lead with the crown, you’re probably going to get penalized.”

One thing that Coach Turner is right about is that the NFL and it’s Commissioner Roger Goodell has been very adamant about finding players who do not play this contact sport the way the NFL and the Commissioner allows.  No, news has come out in regards to a possible fine for Ingram yet but we have a feeling it’s coming.

But the penalty against Ingram  was just one of many penalties that was against the Chargers that where a little more questionable including a calls that would end up wiping out some huge plays that would have tied the game and then forced the entire game into overtime.

Far more questionable were a pair of calls that wiped out big plays on a late drive that could have tied the game and forced overtime. Even though it may have looked like tight end Antonio Gates didn’t commit offensive pass interference and, on the next snap, center Nick Hardwick didn’t commit holding, Turner who does not look like the kind of coach that would run onto the field and scream at players or in this case referees, he took the uncontroversial way.

“I think that the preseason and the first three games of the season showed everyone who follows football how hard it is to officiate a National Football League game,” Turner said. “And I have great respect for our officials, what they do and how hard their job is. There are some tight calls and there are some bang-bang calls.  There are some calls that go your way and there are some calls that don’t go your way. We had some that didn’t go our way. Hopefully in the future we have some that do go our way.”

Turner ended up taking the high road so he would save a few bucks and the media attention being fined by the NFL would cause and not to mention that everyone else are thinking and saying that the officials blew both calls and are no better then the replacement officials that the fans wanted so badly to get off the field after they blew a call and a win for the Green Bay Packers against the Seattle Seahawks. So, can we say Deja Vu?? But, what is the point of talking and or issuing a statement regarding something everyone is already talking and writing about? Why put more fuel on the fire?

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