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Buffalo Bills fans are sick of the excuses

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Buffal Bills fan sick of excuses

Buffal Bills fan sick of excuses
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Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey started with the Bills in 2009, after the team started off hot and then fell into a slump that forced them out of the playoffs in 2008. It was clear that changes needed to be made and it started with bringing on Gailey. For the past three years, many have stayed quiet and agreed to give this coach a chance because it seemed that moves were being made in the right direction to make it look like, eventually, everything would all come together. Now, 2012, and it is still the same problems, the same disappointment, and the same feeling of defeat. After three seasons, Gailey looks perplexed and confused. What’s worse, is that he doesn’t have the answers. What he does have are excuses.

Maybe the franchise is okay with being mediocre, but the fans that actually spend their money to come and watch this team are not okay with it. This season has been full of excuses and ridiculous comments already and the team hasn’t even hit mid-season. Maybe it was all of the offseason moves that left Bills fan anticipating what this year could bring, and hoping that finally a solid team was being put together, but patience is thin around Orchard Park. If you look at the players and the talent, on paper, this team has what it takes to compete in one of the top divisions in the NFL. So it makes you wonder where the problem begins. You could be simple minded and say that it is Ralph Wilson Jr. himself, but aside from pulling out the wallet, it doesn’t seem practical that he has much to do or say in regards to the mentality of this team. If Buddy Nixand Gailey want to call out the players about their mental toughness, than they need to look in a mirror because it starts at the top and trickles down. Read on to see if you have rolled your eyes to a comment or two that Gailey has recited week in and week out this season.

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5- I’ll have to look at the film

Buffalo Bills
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What happened to the week of film you watched leading up to this game? When will this team start learning from that film and stop waiting until after an embarrassment? Fans and media don’t see everything on the field that is going on while watching in the stands or on television, but we know what the problems are. The problems are the same as they always have been. They don’t have a quarterback. They can’t stop the run. They can’t tackle. They can’t make adjustments to what the other team is doing. You don’t need film to watch this all fall apart year after year, week after week, day after day.

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4- I have to do better

Buffalo Bills
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You can take your pick of the litter on who is saying this because they all sound like trained robots responding to who’s to blame, but I’d like to focus on Gailey continually responding to this question the same way. Why is Gailey, after suffering three blow-out losses this season and failing to post a winning record yet as a Bills head coach, responding by saying, “There is something I’m not doing correctly…I need to figure that out.” If I remember correctly, he has had three years to figure it out and it seems like the same problems plague the same old team. In the AFC East, the Bills are 2-12 against division opponents under Chan and in those 14 games, they have 42 turnovers. You have had your chance to do better Chan, and if the Bills post another losing record in 2012, you may have to find a way to get better somewhere else.

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3- They did a better job than we did today

Buffalo Bills
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Not quite the answer fans would like to hear. Other teams have been doing a better job than the Bills for over a decade. The Bills have not had a playoff appearance since 1999 when they lost on the last play of the game to the Tennessee Titans. Call it a bad call. Call it a lucky play. At the end of the day, it is what fans have come to know and hate by this franchise. It was a let-down, and they have continued to let down for almost thirteen years. In two recent seasons, they started off with a winning record and each time fans say, “I’m not ready to say it’s for real. I’m not ready to get excited.” Then fans give in and get excited and fall into the trap. Remember that 2008 season when the Bills started off 5-1 with Trent Edwards? Somehow the Bills found a way to lose 8 of their last 10 games to blow a playoff berth.

I’m sure Bills fans still have, fresh in their mind, last season. Remember starting 5-2 with another shot at a playoff berth, and even beating Goliath in an exciting comeback? Gotcha again! They managed to lose seven straight games in a row that time and finished 6-10. Gailey was only a part of the 2011 season and not 2008, but he knew what he was walking into. If you can’t motivate this team and find a way to win games than Bills fans will add you to the loser board of pathetic efforts in the past decade and, in the words of defeated, hungry, and poor Oliver Twist kindly ask, “May I have another?”

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2- It’s only one week.

Buffalo Bills
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Now that’s a nice thought. Try it’s only been twelve years. Since the Bills last went to the playoffs in 1999, the Bills overall record has been 78-119 including this season. That’s probably not as bad as you thought right? How does 23-57 sound for total division record? (Two of those seasons also included double losses to the Indianapolis Colts when it still was a five team division.) Only one of those seasons has been a winning record, which was not a year that was coached by Gailey. In fact, so far, Gailey is 12-25 as the Bills head coach. So the idea of it being just one week would be great if that meant the next week was going to be better, but now Bills fans are shaking their heads wondering if we can pull out wins against the Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams, and the Seattle Seahawks. Those were slated “winnable” games at the beginning of this season, and now all of them could go either way. I wonder why that is? Maybe because some teams actually try to improve each year and not just say they are going to. Unfortunately for Buffalo, it seems more fun to stay right where they are; just good enough to not grab a solid draft pick, but not good enough to finish any higher than third in the division. You’re right Chan, it’s only one week.

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1- Ryan Fitzpatrick is our guy!

Buffalo Bills
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Is he really? Do you mean to tell fans that behind closed doors, this coaching staff doesn’t sit at a round table and read the stats and watch the film and say, “oops”? In his NFL career, Ryan Fitzpatrick has a respectable 80 touchdowns, but then he has 73 interceptions to go with that and 17 fumbles. That is more turnovers than touchdowns folks. Fitzpatrick has shown time and time again that he is inconsistent and unreliable. He can’t make deep throws and he has always hid behind receivers making good plays, not a quarterback making great throws. Of Fitzpatrick’s twelve touchdown passes, five of those were plays that the receiver had completely beaten coverage and were standing alone, and two where the receiver was open and passes were off target throws that the receiver had to reach and make a play. Only four of his twelve touchdown passes were thrown into tight coverage and the ball was placed directly where it needed to be.

How can you watch three potential walk-in touchdowns against the San Francisco 49er’s not get in because of over and under throws. One of the best secondaries in the league getting beat by Buffalo receivers and you can’t make that throw? I’ll give credit to the players who don’t say Fitzpatrick is terrible but aren’t quite singing his praises like they have been in the past. I guess less is more and sometimes not speaking says a lot more. But then there is coach Gailey who continues to stand up in front of the media and the fans and say, “That’s our guy.” It is clearly time to get a new guy.