Denver Broncos: Defense Needs to be More Aggressive

By Joe Morrone

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Everyone or seemingly everyone has an opinion on the defense for the Denver Broncos and how to fix it. I am going to give you my thoughts in a minute but first let me point out a couple of things. Two years ago the defense for the Broncos was historically bad; they were one of the worst defenses in NFL history.

Secondly, the Broncos are still adjusting to new defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio and doing it while playing three of the best offenses in the league. Fans don’t want to hear that but it’s true, it takes time for a defensive unit to gel.

The Broncos need two things to happen going forward, they need a few more players and they need Del Rio to stick around and provide some stability. Rebuilding a defense from where it was two years ago takes time, they are much better than they were back in 2010 but not where they want to be yet.

If Del Rio is the coordinator in 2013, then the defense is going to be better simply because they will be in the second year of the system. Just as Peyton Manning and the offense is finding its way as the season unfolds, the defense is doing the same. That stuff is more about the future, though, what about this season?

Here’s what I would do, be more aggressive. I would rather give up an 80 yard touchdown pass and get the ball back to Manning quickly, instead of playing soft and letting the opposing offense use eight minutes to score. Plus if the defense is aggressive, they are going to make more big plays themselves. Yes they might give up a couple of long passes, but they are going to make more big plays than they give up.

The Broncos have the players to play more aggressive than they have been. Cornerbacks Champ Bailey, Tracy Porter and Chris Harris can all cover one on one, especially if they are covering for shorter periods of time. What I would do is what the Chicago Bears did back in the mid-80’s, send one more guy then the offense can block on every single play. I would bring pressure from different areas on every play and put the pressure on the opposing offense.

The defense for the Broncos has been reacting to what the offense is doing, they need to turn that around and dictate to their opponents. Take away all run responsibilities from Elvis Dumervil, he’s not stopping the run anyway, and just have him rush the quarterback on every single play. Wesley Woodyard is not the all around player that DJ Williams is, but he can blitz if they let him.

On passing downs, take Woodyard out of pass coverage and let him get after the quarterback. Even if Woodyard is picked up, other players like Derek Wolfe are going to be free. As we said, a defense like this is going to give up the big play from time to time but it will also put pressure on the offense and create turnovers.

The Denver Broncos do not have all of the personnel they need yet as they continue to build the defense, but they can be better if the play with more of an edge. In short, the defense for the Broncos just needs to play with their hair on fire.

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