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NFL Rumors: Will the New York Jets Use More Two-QB Formations with Tim Tebow?

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The New York Jets have not quite figured out exactly the best way to utilize backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

They are still very much committed to Mark Sanchez as their starter, but they are not going to let their versatile all-purpose back Tebow go to waste.

So the Jets will keep on keeping on, with Sanchez and Tebow, two players with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Last week in their 6-point loss to the Houston Texans, the Jets were forced to twice blow second half timeouts because they were getting their personnel groupings mixed up.

The Jets often switch back-and-forth from their base packages to Tebow-led packages, and an injury to one of the players in some of the Tebow packages ended up causing more confusion for the Jets than their opponents.

A potential solution to that? Why not use more packages with Sanchez and Tebow in the huddle together, so neither of them get their rhythm disrupted coming on and off the field?

It’s not as if it’s a foreign concept. The Jets have used the two quarterbacks on the field together before. Sometimes Tebow has lined up at running back. Other times at wide receiver or tight end.

Why not have more plays where the two of them are in the backfield together, where either one could take the snap?

The more the Jets use Sanchez and Tebow simultaneously, the more possibilites for Tony Sparano to cook up some misdirection plays that could keep opposing defenses off balance.

What could be more innovative than disguising which player is the quarterback on a given play? It’s the equivalent of defensive plays that try to disguise who the Mike linebacker is on a given snap.

It might be a shot in the dark, but is there really a downside to trying it out? Tebow was asked about it this week, and he doesn’t see any reason why not.

“I think there are definitely parts of that that can be effective, with both of us on the field,” Tebow said. “I think we have shown that a few times this year and had some pretty effective plays, but it is something that can work.”

It may be unconventional, but it could be something to keep an eye on going forward. Stay tuned.


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