What do the Tennessee Titans need to take away from their win against Pittsburgh?

By Stephanie Umek
Chris Johnson against Steelers

After starting this season 2-4, now the Tennessee Titans finally have a couple wins under their belt. But they are far from accomplishing their goals this season. In the 2011 season the Titans finished 9-7, just barely missing the NFL Playoffs.

This year they were expected to pick up right where they left off but that hasn’t been the case. Now winning numerous game in a row after starting the season off badly is not impossible, but it sure isn’t a walk in the part.

After the victory in Nashville on Thursday, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck touched on some things that head coach Mike Munchak told the team prior to the game. Things like, go out there and just do your best, whatever happens, happens. And I’m sure Munchak said it a little more forcefully then Hasselbeck led on to.

I’m not encouraging the harsh words that Jerry Gray was using a few weeks ago, but those words obviously did something to get the Titans to put it in gear. Maybe it’s what they are missing, they cannot be babied anymore. Poor performances from Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt were tolerated for the first few weeks but how much longer can that last?

The nice thing is they now have about ten days to get some rest and practice on things that have not been so solid. Have Colin McCarthy back in the lineup is sure a nice thing; he said he was able to catch some things while being sidelined that he noticed the team could do better.

They need to be able to branch off of this, they can’t go back into a slump, they need to make sure they get their pass AND run game on track, because as of right now, they are not playing like a playoff team.

They can take tomorrow afternoon to sit in their sweats and watch other teams. The work never stops, especially if you’re pushing for the playoffs.

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