Baltimore Ravens Fear Ray Lewis Has Torn Triceps

By Riley Schmitt

As much as I love Ray Lewis, I can admit the man is on the downslide this year. However, the Baltimore Ravens legend is still extremely fun to watch. Then again, he might not be playing again ever as the team fears he tore his triceps on Sunday.

This is not what the Ravens need to hear.  Although that tweet mentions two injuries, I am simply going to focus on the Lewis one.  The Ravens defense is in shambles this year and losing a guy like Lewis will hurt.  Then again, you could make the argument that he has been one of the reasons why the defense is struggling.

In the end, this could be the last time we see Lewis play.  He wants to watch his son play college football so this has the chance to be the last season for Lewis.  I doubt that he would want to go out like this but you never know.  Maybe he sees it as a sign to retire.

We will find out more about this injury later in the week but it is not good news.  The Ravens have a ton of issues right now and taking the best players out due to injury will not help.  Lewis is an all time great but not everyone can escape the injury bug.


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