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Dallas Cowboys Remain NFL’s Ultimate “Yeah But” Team


It’s always something with the Dallas Cowboys. The dates on the calendar may change but the Cowboys remain the same team that can’t put everything together on any given Sunday.

Through their first four games on the year the Cowboys have had major issues running the ball. Today against the Baltimore Ravens they had no such problems, running for 227 yards and one touchdown. “Yeah but” they still managed to lose the game partly because of pre-snap penalties that continue to plague this team. They seemed to get their act together against the Chicago Bears a few weeks ago “but” they reverted right back to the ridiculous penalties.

Speaking of penalties, spare me the talk about Jason Garrett and his teams lack of discipline because the Cowboys have been one of the most penalized teams in the league when Bill Parcells was the coach, just as it was with Wade Phillips. They shot themselves in the foot with the penalties, “but” the officials were horrendous all game long. They called a terrible pass interference call on Morris Claiborne when it should have been on Torrey Smith on his touchdown, among numerous bad calls, “yeah but” you can’t blame the loss on them.

Another problem this season has been how Tony Romo hasn’t played his best football; they needed him to play better while the team was asking him to do less. That didn’t happen today as Romo was very good and did everything he could in leading the Cowboys back from sure defeat in the fourth quarter. “Yeah but” he threw the one interception that probably cost them at least three points in the first half.

Dez Bryant probably had his best game as a Dallas Cowboy, “yeah but” he dropped the two point conversion that would have tied the game. He wasn’t interfered with, he simply dropped the pass. The Cowboys did the right thing today, they threw to their physically dominant receiver and he responded with a big game. Except when they needed it most, the game was on the line and he drops it!

The Cowboys need big sacks from DeMarcus Ware in the fourth quarter and they got one from him, “but” the defense still gave up a big touchdown drive in the fourth. We all know the defense needs to create more turnovers and Mike Jenkins has a ball thrown right to him, “yeah but” he can’t make the interception.

The Cowboys manage to comeback on the Ravens in the fourth quarter and get a big drive from Tony Romo, who supposedly doesn’t make big plays when it matters most, miss on the dropped two point conversion, somehow recover an on-sides kick, and move into field goal range. “Yeah but” Dan Bailey misses the field goal.

Jason Garrett’s play calling has been questioned all year and today he does a terrific job keeping the Cowboys balanced on offense, “yeah but” he still manages to have poor clock management in the final thirty seconds and a doesn’t give Bailey a chance for a closer field goal.

Rob Ryan has had his defense in good position all year long, “yeah but” on the Ravens final drive of the first half Ryan inexplicably has linebacker Bruce Carter on Anquan Boldin in coverage for a Ravens first down on third and long! The Ravens continue the drive and score a touchdown on what I think was the drive of the game. If Dallas gets the ball back and puts three points on the board before halftime the game is very different, “but” we know it didn’t turn out that way.

The Dallas Cowboys were the better team on Sunday, “yeah but” they lost, again.

Cowboys fans everywhere have to be at a loss. It seems like every game, something happens to prevent them from winning and nothing seems to go their way. One week it’s one thing, the next week it’s something else to stop them from winning and it’s been this way for about eight years now. No matter who the coach is, no matter who the players are, the Cowboys always find ways to lose.

A few mistakes aside, the Cowboys played well today, “yeah but” their record shows another loss.

The Cowboys got a win today, “yeah but” it was moral victory and those don’t count in the standings.

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