Indianapolis Colts: Run Game Historically All-time Low Today

By Eric Smith

The Indianapolis Colts‘ running game was a solid part of the team up until five years ago. They had Eric Dickerson, then Marshall Faulk, then Edgerrin James. The Colts then decided to go against that and transition into a passing game. The neglect of the running game has cost the Colts Super Bowls.

In the offseason the Colts brought in a new staff and gameplan to get back to a balanced attack and help rookie quarterback Andrew Luck succeed. That seems to be the trend to a winning team.

So far, the Colts have once again neglected the run game and put Luck in bad situations. Today was a prime example.

The New York Jets aren’t just a terrible run defense but one of the worst in all-time. Entering today’s game they’ve given up 172 yards per game on the ground and that handicapped their season. If the Colts balanced the game and rushed the ball they should have won.

The didn’t do that.

The offensive line couldn’t block a fly and failed to build holes for the rushing attack. Don’t give the Jets credit for that. It was all on the line. Instead of correcting it and bouncing to the outside the Colts kept running between the tackles. That got them 41 yards on 17 carries. Really Colts?

Why only rush 17 times against a poor defense? This was a horrid gameplan for the Colts’ staff and they should be ashamed of themselves for today’s effort. Don’t get too high on this game Jets fans. The Colts failed to exploit your weakness. Shame on you Colts. Shame on your entire effort.

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