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Observations From A Giant Win For The New York Giants

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

No, this wasn’t a perfect win, but anytime you beat the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco and pretty resoundingly you take it. That’s exactly what the New York Giants did on Sunday beating the 49ers 26-3. There were some good parts and some bad. Here are some takeaways.

Mr. Wilson: On Friday, I talked about how David Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw were going to have to make some kind of impact in order for the Giants to win this game. Well they certainly did. Wilson took the opening kickoff in the second half and went 66 yards to the 49er 32 yard line. Seven plays later, Bradshaw punched the ball in for a touchdown. Not only that, Bradshaw had 116 yards and became the first back to get 100 on the 49er defense since 2010.

Not So Green Zone: The Giants struggles in the red zone (or as Tom Coughlin refers to it as the Green Zone) continued on Sunday. The Giants had the ball in the red zone six times but were only able to get two touchdowns. In fact, they are only 22nd in the league in touchdown percentage from the red zone at around 45%. That number really needs to be higher moving forward.

Under Pressure: Whether it was a combination of a great pass rush or a little bit of regression to the mean for Alex Smith, or both, this was Smith’s worst game in quite a while. The Giants picked him off three times, including two by Antrel Rolle, and sacked him six times, and all six were from the defensive line. Did the line finally get their swagger back? Only time will tell.