Richard Sherman Takes Shot At Tom Brady On Twitter

By Riley Schmitt
@Rsherman_25 on Twitter

On Sunday, Richard Sherman showed why he is becoming known as one of the best cornerbacks in football. The Seattle Seahawks corner frustrated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots all day and even recorded a key interception. However, Sherman was not happy with just a win. He upped the ante on Twitter after the game.

Apparently Brady was talking smack to Sherman and told him to come find him after the Pats walked out with a victory.  Since Brady was one of the key reasons the Pats ended up blowing the game, Sherman certainly had a right to run his mouth a bit.  This picture was uploaded on Twitter by Sherman and simply makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I mean, I would do the same thing if I was Sherman.  I wish that we had some audio of the incident because that could only improve this.  The picture itself is great but I think some audio would be the real cherry on top.

If the Seahawks keep this up, they are going to be a dangerous team for anyone to play.  You simply do not walk into their home stadium and walk out with a win.  It is incredibly hard to rally against that defense and the fan base.  The offense is slowly coming together which means the team is starting to become a threat.

Hopefully we get more instances of Sherman talking smack on Twitter.  I doubt he can top this but I hope he tries.

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