Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo Not the Problem

By Timothy Holland
Mitch Stringer- US PRESSWIRE

People can bash Tony Romo all that they want. The Dallas Cowboys problem has been,  and always will be, poor management from the top, down to the coaching staff. It begins with owner Jerry Jones and goes right through to head coach Jason Garrett.

Dallas currently sits at 2-3 after five games. They have lost back to back contests to the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens. The Cowboys were routed at home by the Bears and let one get away in Baltimore. In each game Dallas made enough mistakes as a coaching staff and team to bring about defeat.

There is no use in blaming Romo. He is only an extension of the problem. Romo does throw too many interceptions. He doe not play well or come up with the big play against good teams. He can not get his offensive teammates to believe in him as a leader. They know that if anything goes wrong. Romo will be blamed.

The blame falls at the top with Jones. Everyone knows this. Those who defend him say that he cares about the Cowboys and only wants to win. They say that he is willing to do whatever it takes and get the best players money can buy. They say that fans should want an owner like Jones who always tries to put the best team on the field.

This is all well and good. However, if one is not good at building something then they should let someone else do it. Jones is not good at building a football team. He has three world’s championships won early in his regime, but head coach Jimmy Johnson built those teams. Since 1996, Jones and the Cowboys have had very little success.

Next in line is Garrett. He is in his third year as a head coach. It is his first time leading a club. Jones believed that since Garrett was Romo’s offensive coordinator he would be able to take Dallas to the next level. So far, there is nothing that says the Cowboys are any better than they were before Garrett took over. Like Romo, he does not get it done in games against good teams.

On Sunday the Cowboys had many chances to beat Baltimore and could not get it done. On one drive they went conservative and had to settle for a field goal when down 24-20. On the final drive which led to a missed field goal, he and Romo mismanaged the clock. This has been the story since Garrett took over.

Romo will get the blame for most of what goes on in Dallas. He is the face of the organization and doesn’t shy away from publicity. This means he will have to take the criticism as well as the accolades. However, Romo is not at fault for the Cowboys mediocrity.

The blame for that starts with Jones and goes straight through Garrett.

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