Did New York Giants Make Statement Against San Francisco 49ers?

By Timothy Holland
Ed Sczcepanski- US PRESSWIRE

So the New York Giants made a statement by defeating the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, 26-3. New York totally outplayed a team considered by many to be one of the best in the NFL. The Giants not only won, but did it on the road.

All of this means that the Giants made a statement. The question is what statement did they make?

Is it that they are still the defending world champions and shouldn’t be taken lightly?

I think most of the league already knows this. New York leads the NFC East right now with a 4-2 record. The team only won nine games last season and won the division. One victory over San Francisco doesn’t make any more of a statement than what the Giants have already done.

Is it that they can beat the 49ers?

New York had already done that. They beat San Francisco 20-17 in overtime to win the NFC championship last January. If that didn’t make a statement then what does? San Francisco already knew that New York could beat them.

Is it that the Giants are the best team in the NFL?

A victory on October 14 does not prove that anyone is the best in pro football. It just means they won that day. The Giants simply won a football game. This is what they have to do in order to get back and defend their title. They are no better or worse than the top teams in football. Like everyone else New York will have to prove themselves over time, not one Sunday.

The point is that there is no such thing as a regular season statement game in the NFL. Wins are wins and losses are losses. A win by 30 points means no more than a victory by one. It does not matter who you beat as long as you win. The goal is to win enough games to make the post season. Then win one game at a time through the Super Bowl.

The Giants went 9-7 on their way to a championship last season. How many of those games made a statement? None.

In the playoffs they won four straight. There were those who said that their opening round victory over the Atlanta Falcons was a statement game. If it was then San Francisco and the New England Patriots did not get that statement, because neither backed down from New York.

The Giants did not make a statement on Sunday against the 49ers just as they did not in any regular season game last season. New York simply won.

If they can continue to do so the Giants will advance to the only game where any team can make a statement.

That game is the Super Bowl.

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