Washington Redskins’ Fred Davis Anoints Robert Griffin III “Black Jesus”

By Greg Bradshaw
Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

At least one of Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III’s teammates believes the rookie signal caller performs miracles like a certain biblical figure. Yes, Redskins’ tight end  Fred Davis was apparently so impressed by the efforts of his quarterback during Washington’s Week Six victory over the Minnesota Vikings, that he felt compelled to call him “Black Jesus”.

Where shall I begin on this one? First, I believe Jesus might have some more pressing things to tend to rather than leading the Washington Redskins to victory. Second, did Davis ever consider how offensive this remark might be to some people? In the days of political correctness, who knows who might be offended by this assessment?

Then again, Davis might be expressing the excitement he feels over the play of the 2011 Heisman trophy winning quarterback. After all, during the 2011 NFL season, Davis was catching passes from immortal quarterbacks Rex Grossman and John Beck. Some Redskins’ fans probably did refer to Jesus when Grossman and Beck were under center for Washington last season. Most likely, those fans didn’t refer to either quarterback as “Black Jesus”.  They probably used Jesus’ name in vain when describing the quarterback play of Grossman and Beck.

But I digress. Washington has not faced a top flight defense yet during the 2012 season. They still have six tough division games with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles. In addition, the Redskins have to face the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. The aforementioned teams feature top flight defenses that will be ready for Griffin III, who will be looking to part the dynamic rookie quarterback from the football.

More pious Washington Redskins’ fans would never bestow the moniker “Black Jesus” on Griffin III. They would probably prefer to address him as “RG3”. Nevertheless, Redskins’ fans around the world hope Griffin III can continue to play well for Washington. Considering the quarterback play of recent Redskins’ teams, the excitement brought back to the Washington Redskins’ franchise could be termed a miracle.

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