Indianapolis Colts: One of Worst Teams on the Road in the NFL History

By Eric Smith
Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts can be described as road kill when they play away from the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium. They haven’t won a road game since December 26th, 2010 when they beat the Oakland Raiders 31-26 that day. Since, they’re not only getting blown out of the stadium but they’re not even showing up.

The Colts are losing by an average of 19.3 point per game margin on the road while giving up 32.8 points per game in their 10 game road losing streak. The defense can’t stop anyone as besides the 19-13 defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars in last year’s finale they haven’t given up less than 24 points.

The reason the teams are scoring at will is lack of heart from the defense. They just look scared and allow teams to do whatever they want. They have no motivation to tackle, play in coverage, or stop the run. They turn into matadors on the road. It would be one thing if that’s the way they played all the time, but it’s not. At home they’re an entirely different team. They fly at the ball, pressure the quarterback and stuff the run.

I honestly don’t understand how grown adult men are scared to play on the road. Isn’t that what we’re paying them to do? Yes, macho Colts players I’m calling you out. You’re softer than a baby on the road. You’re flat out scared.

If you weren’t scared then why are you giving up 32.8 points per game and why haven’t you won since 2010?

Don’t think I’m letting the offense off the hook either. They’re equally to blame. They just don’t execute on the road. Andrew Luck looks like a rookie on the road and a hall of famer at home. That can’t happen.

In two road games this year the Colts have scored a total of 30 points. That the same point total as they scored against a very good Green Bay Packers team that has one of the toughest defenses to play against in the league. It’s the same Packers team that won the Super Bowl just two seasons ago and went 15-1 last year. How do you score and execute against them but fail to show up against a terrible Jets team?

What are these guys scared of?

It’s toughness and maturity that this team is lacking. The Colts regime prior to these scared players giving zero effort showed up to play everywhere. From the Super Bowl season in 2006 through 2009 they went 24-8 on the road. They went 4-4, 7-1, 6-2, and 7-1 respectively in those years. They didn’t care who they were going up against and usually playing in primetime games and still winning.

Playing on the road shouldn’t matter as much as people hype it to be. These guys are grown men that have played in situations like this their entire playing career. I could understand if going to Chicago to take on the Bears in Soldier Field would be intimidating for the first time. Reality though is that game wasn’t Luck’s first road game. I would think the Fiesta Bowl or Orange Bowl would be tougher atmospheres than playing in Chicago or at the Jets on Sunday.

The Jets fans showed up to boo Mark Sanchez. They had no hope and honestly aren’t scary to play against. Was they afraid of the fireman Ed?

Listen playing on the road isn’t rocket science. Just do the same things as you do at home. There’s literally no difference but the color of the jersey. Fans can be a factor somewhat but last I checked they weren’t the ones getting paid or making a living out of playing a game these guys have played their whole lives.

If this team can’t grow up and stop this losing trend they never will be relevant.

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