New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Says He Thinks He Will Beat The New England Patriots

By Dov Kleiman
Rex Ryan claims Jets will beat Patriots
Howard-Smith-US Presswire


New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan kicked off week 7 on Monday big when said that he’s confident that his team can upset the New England Patriots.

“I just think that I want [the Patriots] to know… and they know that I think we’re going to beat them,” Ryan told reporters on Monday. “I recognize that they’re a great football team and [Bill] Belichick’s a great coach. I’ve never once said that he wasn’t. But again, we’re not going to back down or concede anything.

“They’re going to get our best shot and we know we’re going to get theirs,” he added. “It really doesn’t matter who says what. But we are going to be ourselves. We’re coming there to take our swing. We’ll see if we land that punch to win the game.”

Ryan also touched on rather the Patriots are more vulnerable now because they had already suffered three losses this season, and are part of a 4-way tie for the top spot in the AFC East:

“Are they more vulnerable? I don’t know,” Ryan said. “They lost three games. That’s probably more than they normally lose in a season. But we need to worry about ourselves more than anybody else.”

The Patriots swept the Jets last season, winning the first match-up  30-21  and 37-16 the second match-up who took place on Sunday Night Football. Tom Brady passed for 650 yards and 4 TDs during those two games.

The odds are against the Patriots losing back to back games after losing a close game to the Seattle Seahawks on week 6.

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