Titans Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer Called Thursday Night Game From Press Booth

By Stephanie Umek
Chris Palmer
Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

The ability to win wasn’t the only thing that was different for the Tennessee Titans this past week.

Since the team brought on offensive coordinator Chris Palmer last year, he has called the game from the sideline. The team decided to switch it up a bit this last Thursday, Palmer moved up to the press booth. And it seemed to have quite the effect on the outcome.

They were able to prevail over the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 26-23 victory with a field goal in the last four seconds of the game. Could it have been the difference that Palmer was upstairs? Coach Mike Munchak talked about the situation and said that it absolutely could have been the effective matter in the game.

“You can see everything. You can see it quickly. There’s nothing hiding up there. It’s like watching film. I’m assuming it helps (Palmer) make quicker decisions on what he wants to do next or exactly how they’re playing a certain coverage or how they’re attacking.”

There is a lot that can happen in a game that players and coaches don’t catch. And just like having the few weeks off like linebacker Colin McCarthy did, offensive coordinators can have a much better outlook on the game from a higher view.

I like this decision, I think it is smart, and clearly something is working, it’s just a matter on if it will continue to work. Maybe within the next week or so the team will be able to gather enough from sitting down and watching other games to see what other teams are doing.

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