QB Michael Vick Should Not be Philadelphia Eagles Scapegoat

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-US Presswire

Following every Philadelphia Eagles’ loss, the blame is immediately delegated to one player.

QB Michael Vick.

Yes, it is incredibly common to give the quarterback the blame for everything when a team is struggling, but the amount of blame that is constantly put on Vick is just ridiculous.

Of course Vick makes questionable throws at times and is going to turn the ball over more than fans would like, but he does so many things throughout the entire game that put the Eagles in position to win.

But when the clock hits triple-zeros and the Eagles are not the victor, all that Philly fans remember is what Vick did wrong. And this was again the scene after Sunday’s loss.

It’s not that the offensive line left him running for his life. And it’s not that RB LeSean McCoy couldn’t find any holes to get an ounce of pressure off of Vick. And it’s not that the Eagles’ defense allowed a ghastly 17 fourth quarter points against the Detroit Lions.

None of these issues factored in, it’s just all Michael Vick’s fault! Right?!


Yes, the Eagles would have been better off without the interceptions, but Vick truly had a great second half and put his team in position to claim victory. The Eagles’ defense is the unit that really let go of this one.

Not to mention that Vick picked up multiple first downs with his legs, scrambling for a total of 59 yards rushing on 9 carries in the game.

This is just one of the things that he does that the overwhelming majority of NFL quarterbacks can not do in any respect.

But the Eagles should bench him, and go with the completely unproven rookie QB Nick Foles! Right Philly fans?!

Again, wrong. Horribly wrong.

I’ll tell you this right now, if Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid decides to bench his franchise quarterback and roll the dice with Foles, he will not have a job next season.

I guarantee it. Foles will show his inexperience, and show Philadelphia that not anybody can just step in at QB and do what Vick does.

Just two games into Foles’ hypothetical campaign, Eagles’ fans will be begging to get Vick back into the lineup, and the experiment will be a failure.

Of course Vick deserves some of the blame for the Eagles’ 3-3 start, and I am not saying that he is perfect by any means. I am just saying that the team’s struggles are apparent across the board, not just at the quarterback position.

So Philly fans, embrace your quarterback.

Show him all the respect that he deserves every time he steps up in the pocket, just waiting to get leveled by a defender who just trampled over one of the jokers on the Eagles’ offensive line.

Vick is not the problem. The entire team is the problem.

And the sooner the Eagles and their fans realize that, the sooner they can start to turn this season around.


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