Tennessee Titans Monday Practice report: Matt Hasselbeck to start week 7

By Stephanie Umek
Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck

Things seem to be meshing together quite nicely these last few weeks for the Tennessee Titans. Maybe it has a little something to do with the starting quarterback. The Titans are hoping to have rookie Jake Locker back as soon as possible but Matt Hasselbeck has been filling the space nicely until Locker recovers.

In today’s practice report, Mike Munchak confirmed that he thinks it will take at least another week until Locker is back in the lineup. He will probably be able to handle more activity this week but the team and trainers will be watching closely to see exactly how much he can handle. He had another MRI today but the team has yet to get the results back to see the progress.

Munchak also talked about the fact that just because Hasselbeck has played well these last two weeks, doesn’t mean the team doesn’t want Locker to return. I can see that, only because Hasselbeck has the experience, honestly if he came into the game and played worse than Locker did, the team would have and should have been furious.

He is the veteran, therefore supposed to be talented on the field. Just because he wasn’t chosen as the starter doesn’t mean he is unable to play at a competitive level. Just because he is the second oldest quarterback in the league, also doesn’t mean anything. He is there to do his job.

Hasselbeck couldn’t have been the only thing that changed, considering that the team didn’t win last Sunday. In fact they got completely ran over by the Minnesota Vikings. As coach Munchak put it, “we’re going to do what’s best for him, best for the team, like we would any player.”

Well something has to start happening, the Titans are not last in their division but the Jacksonville Jaguars are right behind them and it will only take a little bit of slacking on the Titans end for them to jump in front.

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