The Denver Broncos are the Dumbest Team in Football

By Joe Morrone

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

The Denver Broncos are the dumbest team in the NFL, without a peer. They can’t beat good teams when they don’t make mistakes and they make every mistake you can think of. They lead the league in fumbles; they fumble even when no one touches them.

Then when they finally hit a big play that should be a touchdown to get them back in the game; Eric Decker trips over the forty-yard line. Three plays later, Matthew Willis doesn’t read a blitz and that leads to the touchdown that ends the competitive part of the game.

Of course the Broncos were all ready behind by 10 because apparently they don’t know the rule that you have to field a kick; losing both a punt and a kickoff because Trindon Holiday and Omar Bolden can’t field the ball. The defense had started off playing well and appeared to have the Chargers offense under control, until those 5th grade mistakes. To top it all off, the Broncos commit some of the dumbest penalties in football. They apparently believe aggressiveness to the point of being dumb is good football.

When mistakes like the ones the Broncos are making happen in one game, you can chalk it up to a bad week. When they happen week after week as they are now, it’s time to look at the coaching. John Fox and his staff deserve the fair share of the blame because the mistakes are not being corrected. There’s a long way to go but if things do not get better in the remaining 10 games, then John Elway may have to consider big changes.

The Denver Broncos are one of the bottom ten teams in the NFL and the rest of the season is only about getting better, and trying to build something for next season. Hey at least the Broncos lead the league in something, they are the dumbest team in football!

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