Beyonce To Perform At The Super Bowl? Smart Move By NFL

By Trisity Miller
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

As a young adult, I can’t be more excited to hear that Grammy-winning singer Beyonce Knowles will be performing at this year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans. After the Janet JacksonJustin Timberlake incident in 2004, the NFL has been conservative in choosing further performers. Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen were some of the few performers to headline the show shortly after. This is taking things in a different direction.

This won’t be Beyonce’s first time partaking in Super Bowl activities. During the 2004 Super Bowl, when the New England Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers, she performed the national anthem.

The NFL may have finally gotten it right. Football is the biggest sport in America and the Super Bowl is the “Michael Jordan” of championship series among all sports. They’re going to get the viewers. Whether a fan’s team makes it or not, we are going to watch. Now they add a popular aspect that will draw the un-traditional crowd.

Women who might never watch football otherwise will be in tune to see Beyonce rock the stage. She’s a modern day cross of Diana Ross and Tina Turner. In the end, it is always about money for the NFL and Roger Goodell and he may have gotten his hands on the biggest cash cow available–other than Lady Gaga.

Beyonce’s presence also draws the 20-35 age crowd because at 31, she’s in that demographic herself. The average age of the half-time performers post-2004 has been a whopping 51 years.

With Beyonce coming there are two things that can be looked forward to:

1) The odds of a Janet Jackson or M.I.A. type controversy is very low.

2) Husband, rapper and Brooklyn Nets owner Jay-Z may show up as a guest as she showed up during his concert to open up the new Barclays Arena.

To verify this news, Beyonce released this photo via her Tumblr page:

Give the NFL props. After almost seven years, the Super Bowl XLVII half-time show will finally be entertaining.

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