Chicago Bears: Does Chris Williams Have Any Trade Value?

By alibud69
Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

The only reason this question exists has little to do with Chris Williams himself. Let us face facts so far this season the Chicago Bears have been extremely lucky on the injury front. The same cannot be said for numerous other NFL teams, especially on their respective offensive lines.

Williams has moved from Left Tackle to Left Guard, spent a lot of time on the injury table, but to top off his beleaguered Bear’s resumee, Williams has started the 2012 decline going from challenging for left tackle, to settling for swing tackle, to being dropped to the inactive list, all after four short weeks (8 weeks if we are to be kind and include preseason).

In the grand scheme of busts Williams will never rate on the upper echelons with the JaMarcus Russell’s of this world, but his downfall epitomizes the Jerry Angelo era of drafting, which currently boasts just 2 first round picks (Gabe Carimi and Williams) and just 1 of 31 players picked in the 2004-2007 drafts (Devin Hester).

With the Bears currently only sitting at five draft picks for the upcoming 2013 draft, any kind of trade for Williams would add a much needed draft pick for Emery to continue the neglected depth restocking process, which was so terribly neglected by previous GM Jerry Angelo.

The truth of the matter is this however. The Bears will be lucky to get anything for Williams. A healthy scratch, contract expiring, injury prone 1st round bust, the Bears are going to have to target someone truly desperate in order to shift him for even a 7th round draft pick.

With this in mind, top of the list on Phil Emery’s rounds should be the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles beleaguered line is in tatters, it is a part of the reason that Michael Vick is struggling so much this season.

After a poor first 6 outings of the season for this unit, they are still very much in the hunt in an NFC East title race that no one has grabbed a true hold over.

This is the only type of team I can see taking a chance on Williams before his contract runs out at the end of the 2012 season.

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