James Harrison Says CRT Padding Helps with Concussions

By Marc Jenkins
Harrison Says CRT Padding Helps Preventing Concussions
Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker James Harrison has reveled that not only has he suffered a “double digit” amount of bouts with concussion-like symptoms during his nine-year career but also that he knows what can help prevent concussions as well.

Harrison says that he began using a special layer of padding inside of his helmet last season and since then “I haven’t seen any spots or had any blackouts”. He also said “to protect my head I’d take a pound more” and “if something works I’m going to use it”, in reference to the about three to four ounces of CRT padding, which is a green padding with material that was developed to protect combat military personnel.

Over the past year, there have been approximately 100 additional players or so who have begun using the padding inside of the helmets as well in attempts to cut down or stop concussions or concussion-like symptoms all together. Harrison was first in-search some extra protection inside of his helmet following him fracturing his right orbital bone last season when Steelers backup quarterback, Charlie Batch introduced him to CRT.

Unique Technologies president Robert Vito has said that CRT doesn’t claim to prevent concussions, however there is evidence from players on all levels that it does help minimize the recurrence of  concussions from happening.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is normally calling Harrison into his office regarding how unsafe the hits are which he places on opposing players but now the commish should probably invite the 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year for a sit down about how this material could actually be beneficial to player safety.

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