Jason Garrett Threatens to Bench Players But Doesn't Have the Guts to Do It

By Jeric Griffin
Jason Garrett clapping

Man, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talks a big game, but he’s never backed it up a day in his life. He’s preached accountability, discipline and bunch of other horse radish that he doesn’t even understand, and that’s saying something considering he’s a Princeton grad. However, Garrett doesn’t do any of those things himself, so why would his players? They don’t, but their head coach thinks he’s going to scare them into being more disciplined by threatening their spots in the lineup. Hogwash. Garrett is spineless; he won’t follow through with it.

“Certainly you have the option of saying, ‘OK, if you continue to get penalized like this, you’re going to be out of the lineup or you’re going to be off the football team,'” Garrett said.

Oh yeah, sure. Garrett can make all the threats he wants, but every player in the Cowboys’ locker room knows he’s bluffing. He’s trying to be diplomatic, but he’s speaking directly to both of his offensive tackles, Tyron Smith and Doug Free, the two most penalized players in the NFL. Yes, you read that right.

At least Smith is blocking well. That’s no pardon for all his penalties, but at least he has a silver lining. Free has been downright awful at his job since receiving a nice payday from Dallas as a free agent in 2011. That includes blocking and the penalties. Free should definitely be benched at least for one half of a game to try and get the point across, but Garrett won’t do it and Free knows it.

That’s why the Cowboys are the most penalized team in the league — Garrett doesn’t back up his talk about accountability and he certainly doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, so why would his players? As has been stated countless times here at RantSports.com, the Cowboys are held hostage by a coward head coach and they’ll continue to be a .500 team at best as long as that’s the case.

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