Jerry Jones' Latest Super Bowl Comments Prove Yet Again He's Clueless

By Jeric Griffin
Jerry wrong again
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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is still clueless when it comes to his team. Apparently there were a lot of folks who thought he might have possibly come to his senses in the past month and a half, but Jones laid that ill-advised notion to rest on Tuesday with another moronic statement regarding the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances:

“We’ve got to have some wins to make sure we’re in the hunt, but I keep pointing out we’re fresh off a world champion that won nine of 16 ballgames last year. We know you want your team as healthy and as in sync as it can be as we get on into the end of the season. All of those things give us a chance to take a team that is, if you look at the pluses, evolving into a team that can compete for the championship. Not next year. This year.”

Jerry has never had his ducks in a row. He’s as clueless today as he was when he bought the franchise. The Cowboys have played fairly well in two out of five games this year, including one victory, but that apparently makes them Super Bowl contenders. Even in those two games, Dallas was penalized more than imaginable, which kept them from beating the New York Giants by a larger margin in Week 1 and defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the final moments of this past week’s game.

The above comment by Jones doesn’t even come close to comprehensively recapping his moronic statements. He also had this to say:

“Let me emphasize [this]; I’m not into everybody getting better or learning for years to come. It’s this year.”

The Cowboys’ current roster is built for “years to come” in every shape, form and fashion. It’s not built for “this year” at all. Dallas has glaring needs on the offensive line and the word “embarrassing” doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of penalties called against this team on a weekly basis. With fixes to these two of many problems, the Cowboys could be a contender in the next few “years to come,” but it won’t be this year with the way things are going.

Yes, the Cowboys almost beat one of the better teams in the NFL on Sunday, but that in no way whatsoever suggests this team can contend for a title this year. Statistically, the Cowboys have one of the worst offenses in the league even though their defense is playing better this season than in recent years and they get out-coached every single week.

Jason Garrett’s clock management at the end of the Baltimore game was horrendous and ended up costing his team the victory. Sure, Dan Bailey should have made the 51-yard field goal at the end of regulation, but it should have been a lot shorter. Garrett let a full 30 seconds run off the clock between the Cowboys’ last offensive play and Bailey’s kick. What coach does that with a timeout to burn in the final moments of a close, critical  contest?

Jones keeps hanging onto the fact the Giants won the Super Bowl last year despite a 9-7 regular season record. He thinks that if his finishes at .500 or just above, that automatically makes them a Super Bowl contender. No halfway intelligent, right-minded football executive would think that. None. Period. Jones just keeps harping on the fact the Cowboys beat the Giants in Week 1 like that’s the only game they play this year. Talk about a guy who clings to the “glory days,” but that’s not the worst part; he’s literally clueless when it comes to building a successful football team.

Jones is way off the mark in saying the Cowboys are a contender, but it’s really no surprise. He’s the worst general manager in the NFL and he proves it every year with these ignorant statements and ill-advised roster moves. There is no hope for Dallas as long as he’s in charge.

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