New York Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw Is Proving He's A Starting Running Back

By jason evans
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Coming into this season, the New York Giants had some questions as to whether or not Ahmad Bradshaw could be the number one running back in their offense. Bradshaw has always been in a tandem with Brandon Jacobs and to a lesser extent Derrick Ward. Jacobs was let go this off-season and the team drafted David Wilson in hopes of pairing the two.

Well sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out so well. Sometimes you need an audible. Wilson was inconsistent and has really found his niche as a kick returner and is starting to come around carrying the ball. When Bradshaw missed a game, Andre Brown came in and subbed rather well.  However, he has a concussion right now.

Enter Bradshaw who ran for 200 yards against the Cleveland Browns and 116 yards against the San Francisco 49ers this past Sunday. This is probably the healthiest that Bradshaw has been in his entire career. Bradshaw was able to practice more during training camp and more during this season then he ever has before and is proving to the Giants and the league that he can be the man in the backfield.

I don’t expect Bradshaw to keep this up for the rest of the season, unless the offensive line continues to block like they have been. They’ve done a great job of opening holes not only for Bradshaw, but all the running backs over the past couple of weeks. The Giants rank ninth in the league in rushing and even though they finished last in the league in rushing last year, the rushing game was a key in the playoffs. Being able to keep Bradshaw healthy is going to be key as the season goes on.

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