New York Jets Unique Offense Could Cause Problems for New England Patriots

By Sean Rollins
Rob Ninkovich Tim Tebow
Kirby Lee-US Presswire

The New England Patriots defense has been a liability all season.  With the addition of Tim Tebow, the New York Jets offense have a wrinkle that could cause problems for the Patriots.  While Mark Sanchez is still the starting quarterback, Tebow’s running ability is something the Patriots defense hasn’t seen this season and could create issues for the struggling side.

While many Jets fans have been calling for a quarterback change, Sanchez is remaining the starting quarterback for the team.  But the backup they are calling for can still have an impact in Sunday’s game.  Tebow’s biggest threat is his threat to run which the Jets have used several times this year.  That could be their biggest threat Sunday.

The Patriots run defense has been strong this year with terrific performances by Chandler Jones, Vince Wilfork, and Rob Ninkovich.  However, the further back you get in the Patriots defense, the weaker they get.  Like 2011, the Patriots defensive secondary is pitiful.  That’s where Tebow will cause trouble.

While the Patriots run defense has been solid, the Jets will use misdirection to get Tebow through the first and toughest line of defense.  Once he gets past the front four, Tebow will be on his way to big gains.  This could be a big part of the game plan for the Jets Sunday.

Another problem that Tebow could cause the Patriots is simply the threat of running.  While the Patriots run defense has been solid, the team’s pass defense is one of the worst in the league.  The fear of Tebow gaining many yards with his feet will help the Jets passing game as the Patriots linebackers and defensive backs may attempt to step up rather than dropping into coverage.

Throughout his career thus far, Tebow has been criticized for the use of his feet and lack of aerial prowess.  However, that doesn’t mean he can’t throw the ball.  With single coverage down field due to his running threat, Tebow will be able to complete passes further for big plays.

The Patriots currently sit at 3-3 and tied with the other three AFC East teams.  Being a divisional game in a division that is square, Sunday’s game against the Jets will be crucial for the Patriots.  While the Patriots offense should have little problem shredding the Jets meager defense, the Patriots defense could have many problems with the unique Jets offense.  In a game they need to win, this will be the deciding factor.

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