NFL Rumors: Arizona Cardinals' QB John Skelton to start on Sunday

By Kase Brammer
John Skelton Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The last time the Arizona Cardinals started John Skelton their record was 0-0. Skelton was losing to the Seattle Seahawks before he went down for several weeks with an ankle sprain, a notoriously nagging injury. This week against the Minnesota Vikings, the Cardinals will try to get their winning ways back on track with a healthy Skelton. How can Skelton help the Cardinals win?

First off, the quarterback will need to be on his toes. Kevin Kolb was sacked 22 times in three weeks before leaving the game on Sunday. Skelton will need to get the ball out of his hands faster if he is going to have a chance with an offensive line that could be the worst in the league. However, he cannot be afraid to take a sack. Kolb was able to run the offense well enough because he limited his turnovers. A sack is almost always better than an interception.

During the game, Skelton could get frustrated with his offensive line. If he shows it, the Cardinals offensive line may get frustrated with him. My favorite part about the Cardinals starting Kevin Kolb was his ability to get up play after play and just keep going. If he had any qualms about his offensive line I’m sure he did it in private and not where the entire world could see. Skelton must do the same thing. After giving up so many sacks in the last few weeks, the Cardinals offensive line has to have a bruised ego.

The Cardinals could be done for the season if Skelton does not step up his game in a big way. If his 2 for 10 performance on Sunday is a sign of things to come this team is in bad shape. However, Arizona has done nothing but surprise the NFL week after week. After two surprisingly bad losses, the Cardinals are due for a win.

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