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NFL Rumors: Did DeAngelo Hall Slap Adrian Peterson In The Face?

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

You have to love the NFL where grown men beat the crap out of each other for three hours and end up shaking hands afterwards. However, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson didn’t like something Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall did during a tackle in Sunday’s game.

Peterson claims Hall slapped him in the face. “He slapped me in the face after making a good tackle,” Peterson said via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “And I was just telling him, ‘Hey, don’t do me like that, brother.’ I looked him in the eyes and he knew I meant business.”

Of course what would a controversy be without the other party denying it, which Hall did, “I have no idea what he’s talking about,” Hall said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “You guys can watch the film. You’ve watched the film. Once you heard it, you were probably like, ‘Huh? What’s he talking about?’ I think you all know me. So if anything would happen involving me, I think all you guys would have been jumping on that story right after the game. So for it to be brought up a day later and talking about I slapped him in the face, that’s just asinine.”

Who knows what happened but when trying to decide for yourself who to believe there are a few things to consider, first, Adrian Peterson is an outstanding person who has never had any kind of issue on or off the field. Hall seemingly has a problem every year. He’s fought with Steve Smith and Brandon Jacobs on the field, as well trying to fight one of his teammates in the locker room during a game with the Oakland Raiders. Hall also claimed Terrell Owens spit on him during a game, but that was never confirmed either.

It seems pretty clear if Peterson is accusing Hall of inappropriate behavior, it probably happened. I’m not saying it definitely happened but I’m saying it’s just my opinion and it would be nice to find the video evidence to know for sure.

Until then, we have to judge on character and that is clearly in Peterson’s favor.

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